plum chutney scarf

This was a speedy project and it would have taken less time if I hadn’t worked until 4.34 am on the first ‘evening’ … The morning after, I proudly showed my art to my dear son – I was more than half way – and he immediately noticed the mistakes.   Darn.  The pattern is a chain mesh, pretty easy to realize. Well… that is if you pay attention!  All you need to do is to work by block of 2 rows: for row 2,  you end up with a ch 2, dc in last st and for row 3, you sc in 3rd ch of t-ch … Obviously, I kept ending one way for a few rows, then changed along the way.  This created an ugly zig-zag on the edges.  So 70 cm of yarn got rolled back around the skein.  I hate mistakes.

The next night, the scarf was done.  To avoid any distraction, I created 2 cards – in different colors to catch my exhausted eyes,  that I kept flipping recto/verso after each row … The result is amazing if I may say so myself.

This super bulky, soft, chenille-style yarn, available in a range of stylish shades, all very tempting, was the perfect choice for this scarf.  It was though but I selected ‘plum chutney’, a mixture of brown, pink, olive-green and burgundy…. perfect Christmas present for my super duper sis-in-law!

More details:

  • Bernat Blanket yarn 100% polyester thus machine washable and dryable.
  • The skein weight is 10.5 oz. / 300 g
  • Purchased at Michaels at probably $9.99 unless it was discounted at the time
  • I used the recommended 8-mm  hook size
  • Stitches: chain mesh – foundation: 20 (multiple of 4 sts) + 2 (pattern on page 137 of my favorite book).

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cheat sheets


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