baby girl blanket

One of those moments when you have the yarn and the stitch you want to use but no idea what to do…  Never mind, the easiest to deal with my impatience and get the milage going was to create a baby blanket.  My grand-sons being – already – too old for it, I had to find another victim.  So while crocheting my way, I suddenly thought about my friend becoming grand-mama for the first time. And yes,  I do know her daughter … Perfect. Since my yarn is grey, I made a quick phone call and baby girl it will be.  My finishing touches will be “girly”.  That simple.  And I am happy: crochet with a purpose and a deadline!

The details

  • Chainless foundation of 94 a+ 1 (page 152 of my favorite book) – multiple of 2 sts + 1
  • up-and-down stitch (page 138)
  • hook: 4.5 mm (I should have picked a bigger one and a 5.5 mm was recommended for this yarn)
  • yarn I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby | 100% acrylic – color #201 greybeard. I purchased it for $3.99/skein of 325 meters)

Up-an-down stitch

And all the above was a few days ago… until I realized that: 1/ I didn’t have enough of the same yarn and 2/ I should swap crochet and use the 6 mm instead.

After a short debate, I was not – for once – going to frog this beautiful sample so I turned it into a scarf for Mariska’s Roze Canadeze.  This is the name of her old pinkish teddy bear that she named when we were visiting Canada [Pink Canadian would be the English version].  Nothing meant to be offensive, just a kid’s decision on the go!


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