baby girl blanket for real

So you all read – or were supposed to – what happened to my first attempt. Typically me.

It took me a few days to reach a yarn shop and the first/closest place I came accross was Michaels.  Since now I know that I will crochet a blanket for a baby girl, I made a selection of yarn that will please a mini lady.

Don’t ask where my brain was but I got myself 4 skeins.  I soon realized that it was not going to give me a decent lenght so I didn’t waste any time and went back to the shop the day after.  Panic: all  the yarn had disappeared. After some digging, I found 4 extra skeins – all different lots – that I quickly added to my basket, looking over my shoulder to keep them safe … Did I mention that in front of my nose and almost from my hand, a lady snapped a skein????

  • Yarn: Loops & Threads Charisma | 100 m | 100% acrylic
  • Color: chocolate cupcake #21
  • Hook: recommended 8 mm but since my favorite series goes up to 6 mm, I will use my brown one.
  • Foundation chain was a of 104 st and I made about 87 rows.

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