poncho mio

I finally spotted a poncho that I like and it is a CAL [crochet along] project with plenty of details and video tutorials.  [I love videos].  In order to play along with a CAL project, you will need to sign up and crochet per episode, following a weekly rythm so everyone has the chance to crochet what needs to be crochetted… Like a soap on the tele, you start your work then wait until the next episode is available to work further on your project. A pretty cool system that so far, I never managed to follow.

For a CAL, the author  often works with a sponsor but it doesn’t mean that you are obligated to follow suite.  Since I want to wear a poncho pronto, I will just get my yarn from a local shop.

The particular pattern has a few variations for the neck and the trim while the body is the same for all.  You will be building your poncho in 3 steps:

  • The neck with 2 options: turtle neck (it takes about a skein and a half to finish the turtle neck) or open neck
  • The body
  • The selection of 2 trims will allow you to personalize your work

Brittany is the creative designer behind the patterns at B.hooked Crochet Here is the link to this Fall Poncho that started earlier this month. While it is not my intention to plagia this wonderful author, I will urge you to use the link provided to work this very nice pattern.  And O glorious: the site is half English/half Dutch and there are videos/explanations for both left- and right handed!

At this time, I have no picture since I haven’t started the project.  There are pictures on the website.

The details

Any worsted (aran) weight yarn using 1 main color (5 skeins) and 4 accent colors (3 for color #1, 2 for color #2, 2 for color #3, 3 for color #4).  Add one skein in the color of your choice if you will be adding a fringe border.

They amount of skein mentioned above are those for  Stone Washed XL sold in skeins of 50 gram – 75 meter, using a 5 mm crochet hook.  You will need to adapt your quantities accordingly.

Brittany mentioned in her post that you will need approximately 1,400 yards (1,280 m) of yarn for your poncho, depending on which trim and neck options you choose.


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