poncho quand tu me tiens

I found this other cowl neck poncho pattern worked in granny trebles in the Simple Crochet magazine [issue 25]. Ashley did re-created in different colors but I still prefer the original palette. The fringes might be a bit tedious to do … so many of them!

This ‘British’ pattern can be purchased online at Ravelry for 2.75 GBP [about $4].  And perhaps, you don’t have to purchase it after all [darn] if you can find your way with Attic 24’s creation where Lucy avoided the frindge-crazyness by finishing it with ‘two rounds of double crochet followed by two rounds of chain loops, then a final round to create the pointy waves on the egde-of-the-edge‘.  She used a 6.5mm for the cowl and a 6mm hook for the body and edging.
Mwah-haha!  This is going to be fun to make and lovely to wear!

Picture from Simply Crochet Issue 25


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