animal world

While I thought I would never do an arigurumi simply because they are usually small and complicated … Well bored with the project I was working on, I did my first on an impulse.  From my bed, I reached out to the only skein that was on my night stand and started this cute rabbit.  In green.  I quickly notice that you better not be distracted!  It’s about counting and working in non-stop rows … so you need your full undivided attention!

My prototype got a shorter leg and a shorter arm.  I knew about the leg [interrupted I lost the count] but the arm was a surprise [thank you Arno]. It could be that the sewing reduced its length.  Anyway, my mama fell in love with my imperfect rabbit.  We picked the eyes together [via Facetime] in a stack that I still had from my Grand-Mère and soon it will be ready to ship overseas. She will be thrilled with her surprise!

Due to the enthusiasm about my greenie, I decided to start another arigurumi.  And once again, I was surfing the web and found a few nice animals …

If you go to this website, you will find an amazingly large selection of free patterns of all kinds … humans, animals, accessories, for all and all seasons.

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