Poncho mio

A few days ago, I wrote about this poncho pattern that I loved… I kind of obsessed about it so on Wednesday I went to another local yarn shop – Eat. Sleep. Knit in Smyrna – that I had discovered online.  Tucked away in a business center, it’s not like you would walk by while doing your window shopping.   So what a surprise to discover this yarn-cavern.  Gosh, you should have seen my face in front of this abundance of yarn!!!  I had about 3 hours before closing…  I spent a crazy time looking and touching all kind of skeins. What a paradise!  Not cheap but the best in the Atlanta area…

I came out with $280.26 of yarn for 2 ponchos and some goodies that I received because of my big purchase.

And here I am on Friday, starting my multi color poncho with the idea to finish it for our Nuit Belge event on Saturday night.

For this one, I purchased Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash (one of the cheapest they had) made of 100% Superwash Wool, washable in the machine at 40.  Each skein is 100 gr | 200 meters (220 yards) and cost $10.50.

  • 4 skeins of white with a super slight tint of pink – color winter withe 910A (I used 1 full skein for the cowl)
  • 1 skein of dark aqua #849
  • 1 skein of daffodil #821
  • 1 skein of colonial blue heather #904
  • 1 skein of rose petal #838
  • 1 skein of tangerine heather #907
  • 1 skein of berry pink #837
  • 1 skein of Westpoint blue heather #1944
  • 1 skein of chartreuse #906

I used a 6-mm hook and a 6.5 mm for the final border.  The pattern advises you to do the cowl and the bord with a 7-mm.  I did the cowl with my 6 since I don’t have a 7-mm.  Also the pattern is in UK terms so before I realized it. I had started with a US treble … No need to say that I frogged it all and started over… Then I frogged a few more times because it’s easy [for me] to miss the front or back post …

I finished my poncho itself on Saturday afternoon but couldn’t add the fringes.  Luckily because this morning I notices a few front/back posts mistakes that I corrected.

I added the fringes on Sunday morning … And went for a walk proudly wearing my brandnew 420-gr poncho on my shoulders.

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