catastrophe, despair, frustration

One of the worst nightmares of any crocheteuse: running out of yarn at the end of a project.  Frustration and despair hit you like a bullet in the face.  You were so close to the finish line!  I feel your pain  … So what’s next?  Full of hope, you go through all your stashes trying – desperately – to find the matching yarn.  You just need a tiny bit to save your day [and project].   Unfortunately, it is the end.  And all you are left to do, after you took some time [depending how bad you feel] to digest your ‘situation’, is one of the following:

  • finish with another color which will be absolutely ugly and a constant reminder of your disaster.  Not so a good idea.
  • frog this last unfinished row and make it in another color.   Could work …
  • frog this incomplete row kin addition to the previous one to retrieve enough yarn do to the finishing row.  I guess this would be your best choice.


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3 thoughts on “catastrophe, despair, frustration

  1. I had to do this to one of my shawls, I went down a crochet hook size & attempted to adjust the tension to a little tighter than the previous hook & not as tight as I would normally crochet with the new hook. It worked I had about 10cm left at the end , it didn’t notice. Shawl saved. I hope this might help with your project. Good luck.


    1. Thank you very much for your comment and suggestion… a solution that I will keep in mind! For my shawl, I did frog 2 rows but that was not even enough to finish it however – lucky me – I managed to find enough yarn to finish it! Pfew!


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