un chale pour un dimanche

I fell in love – once again – with a very beautiful shawl pattern.  And yes, I did purchase the pattern … that must tell you a lot since there are so many free ones available!

With a 5.5 mm hook, I started the main body with Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash in color #1910 for 34 rows with a TC count of 140 TCs per side of ch-2 sp [280 total TCs – someone in the comments mentioned that 10 rows didn’t work quite right …]. From there I worked the pattern pretty much without hick ups despite this huge increase in size.

Remember that the pattern presents an errata on Row 38.  Here is the correction:  Ch3 and turn (count as dc now and throughout), 2dc into the next st, dc in each st to top, {dc, ch2, dc in ch2 space}, skip the first stitch after the tip, dc in each st to end, 3dc in last st [113 per side of the ch2 space]. This will give you the 113 either side of the tip.

In case you notice something wrong: know that each row increases by 3 per side of the V. There are a few things to check: are you working in the gaps between the stitches no the tops? Do you have 3 stitches in each of the corners and 2 either side of the chain 2?

For re-sizing details, troubleshooting tips and FAQ’s about this pattern please check out The little bee website.  The border rows rely on a count of 6 (per side of the V) which is achieved by the combined increase of two rows. Each new row of the shawl body increases the count by 3 stitches per side, so to increase or decrease the overall size of your shawl you will need to add, or subtract, rows two at a time. This will keep the patterns in the border intact, though it will affect the number of times each sequence will need to be repeated along each side of the rows.  Should you want to keep the same pattern of the 3 row repeat (it’s not completely necessary but will keep the shawl looking the same) then you could make your increases by 6 rows.

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