bohemian poncho

I just found the most beautifullest [new word] poncho ever. I really want to make one like that. It is handmade and for sale on Etsy for $70. It’s light, frivole but elegant at the same time, simple…. All I need is the pattern … And that’s an issue. Below is a picture [from the author] of her chef-d’oeuvre..

I don’t really like the ones with a ‘V’ neck since they don’t sit in place for long.  It may be just me and my body but we don’t have a good connection.  So when I stumbled on this one, I just had to make one.  Failing to figure out its diagram, I involved Darling who came with a drawing.  Because it all starts in the back!

Scrutinizing the pictures, I tried to crochet in round but got stuck after a line 3.  Frustrated, I posted the picture on my favorite Facebook page and miracle, a few came with similar patterns!  Here are the link suggestions:

Crochet DROPS jacket with lace pattern in ”Big Delight” – cardigan with the back is worked as a square, there is no cowl and the front is open.

Crochet DROPS jacket worked in a circle in “Big Delight” and “Karisma” – cardigan with the back’s design looking like a spiral worked in the round.  No cowl, front is open.

Moonlight Mist by DROPS Design – DROPS circle jacket crochet with 2 strands “Alpaca”.  Very airy cardigan, no cowl and edges with fun pompoms.  Front with 2 buttons.

Poncho with Cowl Neckline by Donna Veatch – this one is the closest to what I am looking for but the pattern is not free [$3.50 on Ravelry].  And the trouble is that she presents two versions and only the pink one is described. Although it seems to be the same pattern but the yarn’s weight making the trick … Comments indicated that the pattern is not easy to follow …

And here is the exact pattern … found in Switzerland!   Well you get the free pattern at the purchase of a 500gr-skein … at a cost of $49 + $25 shipping.  Buying the ready-made poncho would cost $70 and then I would have to try to figure out the pattern!  So all in one, I will be able to make numerous ponchos!  And I know – after me – who will get one!  And my daughters may be asking for one….

This could be another inspiration – different style but so comfy:  a poncho from Simply Crochet [issue 25].

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poncho quand tu me tiens

I found this other cowl neck poncho pattern worked in granny trebles in the Simple Crochet magazine [issue 25]. Ashley did re-created in different colors but I still prefer the original palette. The fringes might be a bit tedious to do … so many of them!

This ‘British’ pattern can be purchased online at Ravelry for 2.75 GBP [about $4].  And perhaps, you don’t have to purchase it after all [darn] if you can find your way with Attic 24’s creation where Lucy avoided the frindge-crazyness by finishing it with ‘two rounds of double crochet followed by two rounds of chain loops, then a final round to create the pointy waves on the egde-of-the-edge‘.  She used a 6.5mm for the cowl and a 6mm hook for the body and edging.
Mwah-haha!  This is going to be fun to make and lovely to wear!

Picture from Simply Crochet Issue 25