Many times,  I just wonder why I didn’t pay more attention to my Grand-Mère who was an avid crocheteuse … She tried to explain it all to me but my dexterity to manipulate the hook had obviously not reached its maturity.  I have all of her hooks and many other items from her.  She was a true expert.

A big chunk of years later, I decided to hook up with my sister-in-law Claudia for a few ‘vacation’ lessons.  I always envied her performances with the yarn.   Claudia is more a tricoteuse but she knows what she is doing with the crochet.  Of course my attempts didn’t go very far.  Until…. the Autumn of 2014.   Suddenly, I decided to make it work. I went online and after viewing tons of videos, I had found a few addicted ladies who could really show and explain at my level.  For those who know me, it was obvious that I was not going to start with a simple project.  I went straight for a blanket for Charlie …

Of course Kaidan had also be the recipient of one but, being over one year old, he needed a bigger one.  I was not yet ready for that and that’s why Charlie got his first.  I found a wonderful throw pattern full of squares, I selected three colors and I went to work.  As many things I do, I stopped for a while … not sure if it was because of my shoulder/tennis elbow (left side) or because I got bored.  But when I had my hook back in hand, it was the wrong one … And the result was disastrous: the panels where not matching!  The hook was smaller thus everything went to the small drain … And I transformed what I had done in scarves for charity.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset