catastrophe, despair, frustration

One of the worst nightmares of any crocheteuse: running out of yarn at the end of a project.  Frustration and despair hit you like a bullet in the face.  You were so close to the finish line!  I feel your pain  … So what’s next?  Full of hope, you go through all your stashes trying – desperately – to find the matching yarn.  You just need a tiny bit to save your day [and project].   Unfortunately, it is the end.  And all you are left to do, after you took some time [depending how bad you feel] to digest your ‘situation’, is one of the following:

  • finish with another color which will be absolutely ugly and a constant reminder of your disaster.  Not so a good idea.
  • frog this last unfinished row and make it in another color.   Could work …
  • frog this incomplete row kin addition to the previous one to retrieve enough yarn do to the finishing row.  I guess this would be your best choice.


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oh that blue

While waiting for my Buyer’s appointment in Cumming, I decided to hit the road earlier in order to investigate some yarn shops along the way.  Just at the idea, my wallet started shivering.

My first stop was at ‘Only Ewe & Cotton Too‘ at The Silos Marketplace in Alpharetta.  After wishing the welcoming dog [which looked like a sheep] a happy 2, my eyes got attracted to this pure extrafine merino wool, made in Italy, by Lana Grossa.

The colors were wonderful and I wanted them all!  After hesitating between two shades of pink, I went for this mint melange #133.  Each skein is a 50 gr/160 m and costs $11.50.

My second stop in Alpharetta was a fiasco since there was no shop there….


magic knot or double knot

A better, quicker and easier way to join a new ball of yarn into your project. Adios Russian Join … Here is a video tutorial by Grace Hernandez showing how to join a new ball of yarn to your crochet by making an invisible knot. This knot is very strong and leaves no ends to weave in.  Isn’t that the ideal way?

Let’s try this!  Here is another video [perhaps my favorite].

And below is another video for a better understanding …