2015 is the year I – finally – got hooked.  My first blog post will detail a little bit the about me.

This blog is selfishly for me… I tried to keep track of my projects with pieces of paper that got lost or that I couldn’t no longer understand. I even created a folder on Evernote where I posted numerous items and used a photo-journal but there was no magical solution.  So, I decided to create a blog for my own sanity.  Now I can look at my pictures, remember the hook size I used, find the yarn details, retrieve the patterns and much more …  It is the best support I could find when I am crochetting along the road with none of my books and patterns.  In that way, I can just search my blog and find what I so desperately need… that is, if Wifi is cooperating.

For the potential visitor: I have no intention to teach anything about crochet or give any kind of advice.  I am tourist: I crochet for fun with all its mistakes and successes.  So, if you read this blog – that I hope you will enjoy – and decide to take on one of my projects, it is at your own crochet-risk!

My posts will make reference to my sources and inspirations, including links to the patterns.  Sometimes I might include bits of the pattern but that would be because I made a mistake or a modification to my own project … I have re-typed some stitch pattern just because it would avoid me to carry those books with me when I am on the go.   They are heavy and not practical … and I can read my blog where ever I am …  I have no intention to take someone else’s fame!   I tried everywhere to honor and promote the authors, sharing their links too … And that should be appreciated by the authors as free marketing!  So, do not reproduce any of my prose somewhere else and/or use it for commercial purposes without asking the said author for authorization!

PS – the hat on my head was not even done with crochet!  I created it with one of the Knifty Knitter looms that I received with the surprise-box I purchased from Cricut.  I no longer use the looms … And the picture was taken in Dec 2014 by my daughter Mariska @ Florence Marie Photography.


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