messy hats

There are many many hats or half hats patterns out there.  Since my crochet era started, I have struggled with many patterns that were either bad or not what I was looking for.  Until, finally, I stumbled on the Facebook page ‘Crochet M@ssy Buns & Beanies – Free Patterns Only‘, all about hats and, more specifically: bun hats.   Bun hats are not my favorite so I just finish them to a ‘normal’ hat…

Here is a collection of my ultra favorite patterns.

  • M@ssy Bun Cable Hat by Bella from Haken en zoo [my ultra favorite that I finish as a full hat – see pictures below]. Here is the pdf and here is the video and another explanatory video if needed.
  • BoHo Messy Bun Beanie by Yvonne Metz – pdf and video
  • Chunky Messy Bun Hat By Jennifer Dickerson – pdf and video
  • La Vie en Rose Earflap Hat – pattern
  • Snow Country Ski Hat – pattern
  • Bear Hugs Baby Beanie –pattern
  • Lily Garden (Flower-topped Hat) – pattern
  • Bulky Yarn 5 Weight Messy Bun Hat pattern for beginners – pdf
  • Crocheted Basket Weave Messy Bun Hat by Diana Borgstrom-Breeschooten – video
  • Delaney Hat – pdf
  • Messy Bun Katniss – pdf and video in one color,  video in tricolor.
  • Moroccan Dreams Messy Bun Hat by Cari Reuman – pdf [see picture for row 5]
  • Starr Stitch Messy Bun Beanie (and hat) – video
  • Child Size Owl Messy Bun Hat pattern by Diana Borgstorm – pdf and video
  • Crochet Frog Hat
  • My Messy Bun Hat by Sarah Sach @ Posh Pooch Designs shows a video on how to modify to a regular beanie pattern into a bun hat or ponytail hat.

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Are you joking? 3rd loop?

Doing my first CAL, my week four is as challenging as my first.  This time my hurdle is called the ‘stocking stitch’.  The CAL master keeps talking about that 3rd loop or ‘hump’ and there was no way for me to ‘see’ the obvious … Until I saw this Moogly video that details it all to understand.  Also its blog shows close up pictures and gives clear explanations.  What a relief!  Now I can move on!


how to – the treble crochet

The treble crochet is a very tall stitch [single crochet beeing the smallest one].

From the chain, wrapping the yarn twice around your hook, skip the first four chains and insert the hook into the fifth chain from the hook.

Bring the yarn over the crochet hook and draw it through the first two loops on the hook to get three loops on your hook.  Repeat the process to keep two loops on the hook and finalize the stitch.

For more detailed explanations, clear illustrations and a video, go to Annie’s Craft Store. She has a wonderful stitch guide!

how to – half double crochet | hdc

The half double crochet [abbreviated hdc] is half tall compared to the double crochet as it eliminates one step from the double crochet stitch.

Unless otherwise stated in the pattern, skip the two first chains from your hook and insert your hook in the third chain from the hook.

And to work the rows, the turning chain should counts as a stitch [check your pattern again].

Further, go to Annie’s Craft Store for very detailed explanations, clear illustrations [as shown below] and a video.

two on two

I did invest in that wonderful stitchpedia [The Big Book of Crochet Stitches] and to facilitate my crochet-life on the go, I made some samples and re-typed the pattern.  No intention to plagia or anything: it’s just for my own convenience instead of carrying that book with me.

Here is my sample of the two on two pattern of page 62.

Chain any multiple of 4 + 1

  • Row 1 – SC in 2nd chain from hook and in every chain across.  Chain 1 and turn.
  • Row 2 – SC in the first 2 stitches then *CH 2, skip the next 2 stitches, SC in the next 2 and repeat the sequence. End with CH 2, skip 2 and SC in last stitch.  Chain 3 [counts as 1st DC in next row].
  • Row 3 – DC in next stitch then *CH 2, DC in next 2 SC and repeat across.  Chain 1 and turn.
  • Row 4 – SC in the first 2 DC then * CH 2, SC in next 2 DC and repeat across.  End with SC in 3rd chain of turning chain.  Chain 3 and turn.
  • Pattern: repeat rows 3 – 4.

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i love bobbles

Popcorns, bobbles … I love them.  They bring a fun bubbly twist to a project.

Here is the Pops and Posts sample I made based on the pattern page 109 of The Big Book of Crochet Stitches [I just retyped below so I don’t have to carry that big book with me when I am not home – the wonder of the iPad].

Take a multiple of 6 + 1.

Row 1 – SC in 2nd CH from hook and then in each remaining stitch.  Chain 3 [counts as 1st DC in following row] and turn.

Row 2 – DC in next DC then *CH 2, skip 2 SC, DC in next SC* and repeat across to last SC.  End with a DC in the last SC. Chain 3 [counts as 1st DC in following row] and turn.

Row 3 – [on the right side]: popcorn stitch [see **** below] in next DC then *CH 2, DC in next DC, CH 2, PC in next DC.  Repeat the sequence to do a  DC in last PC and a DC in the 3rd chain of turning CH-3.  Chain 3 and turn.

Row 4 – DC in next DC *CH 2, DC in next PC, CH 2, DC in next DC and repeat sequence with DC in last PC, DC in 3rd  CH of turning CH-3.  Chain 3 and turn.

Row 5 – DC in next DC *CH 2, PC in next DC, CH 2, DC in next DC and repeat sequence with PC in last DC, DC in top of turning CH-3.  Chain 3 and turn.

Row 6 – *DC in PC, CH 2, DC in next DC, CH2 and repeat.  End with DC in last DC, DC in top of turning chain. Chain 3 and turn.

Pattern: repeat rows 3 – 6.

*** popcorn stitch [abbreviated pop or pc] – Popcorn stitches are usually worked on the right side of the project however there is a way to make them pop towards the back …  See My Idiot’s Guide page 166 for details.

front pop

  • Work 5 DC in the same stitch.
  • Drop the loop from your hook.
  • Insert your hook from front to back under the top 2 loops of the first DC of the group.
  • Grab back the dropped loop with your hook and pull it through the stitch.

Some patterns may request to close the stitch with a CH1 as final step.

back pop: do the same as the front pop but insert your hook from back to front under the top 2 loops of the first DC of the group and finish it the same way as the front pop.

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magic knot or double knot

A better, quicker and easier way to join a new ball of yarn into your project. Adios Russian Join … Here is a video tutorial by Grace Hernandez showing how to join a new ball of yarn to your crochet by making an invisible knot. This knot is very strong and leaves no ends to weave in.  Isn’t that the ideal way?

Let’s try this!  Here is another video [perhaps my favorite].

And below is another video for a better understanding …

the magic of chainless

Calling it magic. While surfing my favorite book, I found this interesting feature: the chainless foundation single crochet (page 152).  And since then, I am smitten by this new [for me] way of starting your project. A bit more time-consuming than just doing a foundation chain since you “double” the work as you got to create your first row. Yes, you got it right: it’s a foundation-chain/first-row combo.  Certainly easier to point your crochet in the right stitch while embracing row 2.

The only caveat is that it doesn’t forgive irregularities.  If you don’t crochet perfectly the same way, stitch after stitch, you will get an irregular bord.  And it’s okay [I hate it] because your admirers will notice that a real human did it…

To master this magic, I found some additional help with this video from Made with love by Glama.  There are many other videos out there but this one was an easy find, simple and clear [for my brain that is].

The magic can be used also for double crochet. Here is a good explanatory video from Crochet Geek this time.

crochet on the go