christmas lights or any lights

Dedri, from lookwhatimade, posted a wonderful idea to personalize your little lights guirlande for the holidays – or any occasion for that matter.

Check her Flower Christmas Lights pattern.  Make sure to use LED lights (which don’t heat up), and push the flower behind the fitting, so it doesn’t touch the bulb.  And it would be smart also to not leave the lights on unattended…

Be aware that this pattern requests orthodontic rubber bands… the 1/8″ heavy duty ones. Dedri offers a link in her explanations.


close to perfection potholders

I finally master the making of potholders.  In my opinion.  I think my Grand-Mère would have been super proud!

My sister-in-law, Claudia, made me discover Aunt Lydia Crochet Threat Fashion 3, a 100% mercerized cotton, that makes the potholder looks like those from my Grand-Mère.  The color is Bridal White #0926.

I went to work with a 4 mm hook, chained 25 + 2 for the turning chain and did 60 rows in a HDC [sc would be perfect to].  Then I fold the rectangle in three and sewed the open sides with double threat [you can crochet them close too, of course].

If you want to have that little loop to hang your potholder, increase your chain by 9 chains, turn and HDC in 9th ch from hook. HDC in the remaining chains.

Finished: 38 gr | 14 x 14 cm.

Check this pattern for a more fashionable ‘look’.


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felix the cat

I must admit that I spend a lot of time online looking for inspiration, trying to find the best design without being too complicated, admiring oeuvres d’art … Doing that, I found this adorable black cat ‘Sylvester’ by DROPS Design.  No doubt I will make one like that.  maybe after my teckel.

Here is its pattern.  And the picture from their website to remind me what this all about.  Once mine is done, I will show off my new pet!

quick lavette

Two in one night…  Well that is with a bedtime of 2.25 am and interrupted crochet sessions during the evening.  Those are what we call a “lavette” in Belgian French…. A dishcloth in English that is if you were wondering.

Each square is supposed to be 40 stitches wide (one got rounded up at 41) and so many rows of HDC to shape it into a square.  I started with a single crochet chainless foundation since that’s how far I ever went with this learning process.

Oh, and I picked that green because I painted one of my kitchen walls in that same color … Before turning opting for grey.  And secondly, my grand-mama made them in white … Which means that I would have to bleach them on regular basis   Not my thing.

The details

  • yarn – 100% cotton “I love this cotton” from Hobby Lobby (skein of 100 gr.).
  • color #100 Bright citrus
  • hook – 5 mmProcessed with VSCOcam with c2 preset


My Grand-Mère was a star in many ways and she had a love affair with her crochet.  She spent hours in her ‘crochet-chair’ making all kinds of projects.  One of them were her famous ‘maniques’ (potholders) that are still used and abused from mothers to daughters.  Yes, Saskia is a fan too.

Made from white cotton, their sizes and thickness vary.   As a novice, I haven’t figured out what stitches she used.  It looks like HDC for some.

Below is a picture of those antiques and you can tell that they have seen better days!  They got burnt, soiled, chewed on (dogs) but they do their job to the perfection!

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